This is how to blend elegance with efficiency when furnishing your office in Malta


Whatever your line of work, industry or expertise, the office remains your home for ideas, communication, teamwork and, ultimately, success.

With so much riding on what happens in that room or building, your choices of furniture can have incredible impact, either to power productivity, or to act as an energy drain.

Since good furniture selection is so crucial to the wellbeing of both your team and your business, going to an expert supplier just makes good business sense.

At Dino Fino we’re proud to work with our main contracts department supplier, Quadrifoglio, who have the sophisticated designs, extensive experience and exceptional eye for quality to take your Malta office design from ordinary to outstanding.

So, with 2021 now ticking along, we’ve put together six furniture design essentials that will deliver style, form and focus in your office – and they are all available at Dino Fino in Birkirkara, of course.

1.Your desk

At the heart of your office – and of most people’s working lives – is your desk. Yet, in a busy office especially, the desk now takes many forms.

The traditional executive desk acts as your individual, personalised and (usually) permanent work hub. This is characterised by clean lines, a stylish finish and an efficient layout, found in pieces such as Quadrifoglio’s new managerial collection, T45.

But office furniture today also needs to support a spirit of collaboration, and so the definition of ‘desk’ has evolved. Ideal for quick brainstorming sessions with colleagues, raised, shared desks such as the CREO or GREKO by Quadrifoglio offer both convenience and lux professionalism.

2.Your meeting table

Complete the flow of ideas to reality with an office meeting space that will inspire the whole team. Your meeting table needs to be so much more than just a table: it must be a comfortable place to develop relationships, communicate and get things done.

Make sure to carefully consider the shape of your meeting table, so that it will best work for your team. Quadrifoglio’s simple or compound meeting tables can be arranged to make the most of your office space, while the X-Time Work range provides smooth lines, curves and versality.

3.Your office chair

A comfortable chair is one of the best-kept secrets to having a productive and focused day at the office – while an uncomfortable one can have the opposite effect.

So, it pays to be selective about the chair in which you are likely to be spending most of your time in the office. The ultimate office chair should not only provide practical function by giving height adjustability or back support – but should evoke your personality, offering a sense of purpose, professionalism and style. For this, we absolutely love the DAMA designed by Quadrifoglio!

4.The softest seating

The first impression of any office, for both team members and guests, is often made through the quality of the soft seating found throughout. From the lounge sofas in your reception area to the ad hoc chairs used throughout the building, your choices in terms of seating silently speak volumes.

Love a vintage retro aesthetic? Check out Quadrifoglio’s waiting room chair, AGIO. Need a multi-purpose yet elegant chair? The CELSIUS may be for you. And if something simple, modern and classy is your goal, then the sleek chromed curves of the CLASSE would be ideal.

5.Office lighting

Good lighting is crucial to setting the scene in your office. Decorative lighting creates ambience and atmosphere, while effective working light is essential to productivity.

In fact, interesting decorative lighting might even make a talking point. Take the Tube Micro, for example, which beams a concentrated spotlight from long, thin, highly finished pendant cylinders. Multiple sets can even be used to create unique wall art.

The humble desk lamp has even evolved to mix both style and function, as seen through the series of designs by Moreno De Giorgio available from Quadrifoglio

6.Office accessories

Organised storage solutions and an elegant-yet-functional reception desk are office essentials too – and with Quadrifoglio’s range of cabinets, lockers, workstations and bookcases, there’s no reason that these elements cannot complement the overall look and feel of your office.

Likewise, office partitions offer vital thinking space to privately focus on a task – and the XW range can help you achieve that in style.

BONUS: Working from home?

The COVID-19 pandemic means more of us than ever are working from home. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for function when it comes to your office furniture. In fact, there are now more stylish work-from-home office furniture choices than ever before.

Level-up your home office design with practical and elegant options such as the Idea+ or Practika furniture ranges, which can incorporate other items such as cabinets or tables for a uniform look.

And if you’re pushed for workspace at home, check out Quadrifoglio’s Pop-Up, a folding pop-up table available on castors, which can be quickly assembled or conveniently stowed away as necessary.

Want to make your office in Malta more stylish and functional? The latest catalogue of office furniture by Quadrifoglio is now available at Dino Fino Home + Contracts, Birkirkara. Check out the collection online at