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Furniture can enhance any location and transforms your room into a living space. Designing custom made furniture allows you to take advantage of your room’s characteristics and enjoy your space to the full.

When choosing custom made furniture, be it for commercial purposes or private use, you would need to consider a variety of elements. It is ideal to start by looking at what is available on the market in order to get ideas for your space. With these ideas, our team of consultants will assist you with suggestions to make your space come to life.

Among our solutions, one can find the Provencal Style, fresh and delicate which works very well in classical environments as well as rustic environments. This style comes in matt white lacquered finish and can be combined with Slate, Stained Oak, Lamellar Beech or even White Fenix worktops.

The ‘Subway Tile’ style gives the big city feel. This is inspired by metropolitan environments with a modern concept and marked features. It enhances international reference venues that gives excellent versatility to night environments. The finishing availability of this product is glossy white lacquered.  Wood, which is a modern line in step with the times to give a touch of originality to an industrial environment.

The ‘Tudor’ style is an example of ancient flavour embracing modern design suitable for elegant and refined environments. The Tudor comes in bleached, Oak and RAL lacquered finish and can be combined with a variety of worktops

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