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Your living room décor should have an ambiance, especially one that reflects your interests, your vision.  Focus on a few staple items. For example, find a staple sofa and a coffee table that suits what you are searching for. You can always add an accent piece in your living area, it would for sure bring out your vision for your home. How one decorates depends on the style one would opt for.

Contemporary living room style is a lightweight construction and so it would allow the designer to explore sleek lines and more daring shapes into their living room decorating ideas. Contemporary style can make a bold statement without it being overdone. Modern living room style uses neutral colour palette to emphasize contour lines, strong geometric shapes and asymmetrical designs that are an indication of modern furniture.

To be able to achieve the modern look within your living space it relies heavily on the furniture selected as well as the correct placement. The industrial living style is a very contrasting style that is achievable with or without the exposed ceilings or bare pipes. You can take any living space and render the area to be industrial with the right furniture. Examples of what one will find in our showroom. MAYFAIR sofa is a modern design, the seating, backrest and armrests demonstrates a unique style, that plays with unilateral cushioned effect throughout the sofa.

Et Voila’ wall unit, revolutionises the concept of furniture by replacing the traditional hard doors with a single fabric door. The door runs along invisible tracks and closes with a magnet that holds the fabric completely taut, which makes it seem like something solid. Coffee tables are always a good option to add in your living area, HELIX designed by Piero De Longhi, is a solid Canaletto walnut with a transparent varnished steel base, with a clear glass top.

You can add a bookshelf, shelving and much more to your living space, so come to our showroom for a consultation. 


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