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The dining room is an essential space in any home where it is important to be mindful of function but also aesthetic. The first item that one usually considers is the Dining Table. At Dino Fino Home, one finds a fine variety of Dining Tables from the stylish glass top CARIOCA designed by Andrea Lucatello to the imposing IKON designed by Philip Jackson. While round Dining Tables are very popular in current trends for their stylish appearance and functionality, square and rectangular Dining Tables are also in demand for their architectural significance to the dining room. Comfort and style are the essential qualities for chairs. At Dino Fino Home you are spoilt for choice with our ranges from Cattelan Italia, Lago, Pointhouse, Tonin Casa, and Scab Design. A blend of Modern styles and more discerning classical styles ensure that you can find the ideal option for your space. Benches are also a new trend that is increasingly gaining popularity especially when considering options for a Farmhouse or Rustic Style.

Stools are also a popular option in today’s home and our selection of modern look, retro style or minimalistic solutions will ensure you will find the right option for your space. Design plays an important part in the aesthetics of the stool but also to ensure the comfort of the seat.

Consoles tie up the dining room environment, providing a feature point for the appearance of the room. Lavish designs and use of top quality materials makes the console a centerpiece for the room, providing a pleasant highlight as well as a functional surface.

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The Best Stylish Dining Room Tables

The Best Stylish Dining Room Tables

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