DINO FINO is committed to providing the best furniture, the best service and the best overall experience to our clients, whilst ensuring total customer satisfaction.

It is the policy of DINO FINO to implement and enforce procedures and policies throughout its operations to meet these requirements, ensuring there is full understanding, commitment
and involvement of all the staff.

At DINO FINO, we are all professionally trained to offer the client the very best at every
design or sale, ensuring customer experience is maintained at the forefront at each and
every step. This ensures DINO FINO can meet the company’s business objectives and is
able to sustain the quality principles and values by which the company abides.

At DINO FINO we nurture Quality principles and Values, as we

– View each interaction from our customer’s perspective and value our customer’s opinion of our service
– Focus on service excellence
– Understand that employee empowerment and happiness and customer happiness are the foundations of a profitable business as they are directly interlinked
– Measure and improve our business processes
– Assign the necessary resources to ensure implementation of the QMS and the continuous improvement of its processes

To implement this policy we have adopted a quality management system based on the requirements of ISO9001:2015. We commit ourselves to continually improve our quality management system and its effectiveness year on year.

The effectiveness of this policy is measured through our Quality objectives which together with this policy are reviewed on an annual basis to ensure continuing suitability and to ensure that our focus is maintained.