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A bathroom is a place of renewal and refreshment. At Dino Fino Home + Contract in Malta, we offer a variety of trendy furnishings to enhance this important space. Brass Finishes are a great way to elevate your bathroom to a more luxe finish, usually ideal for a master bathroom. Deep Soaking Bathtubs never go out of style, especially with Art Deco inspiration which influences styling trends. Tubs can come in a variety of sizes and colours; a current trend being a freestanding black tub, which adds that lavish feel to your space. When one combines the plumbing fixture, the black tub would be a striking focal point in a serene space. Integrating lighting in your bathroom would also create a new dimension to the appearance of the room.

An ideal way to add glamour to your bathroom is by adding marbleised wallpaper. Trending tones include white marble as well as stones with warmer hues like travertine and limestone. One can pair a warm travertine floor with a variety of luxurious fabrics.

One can never go wrong with a framed mirror in the bathroom; it would instantly upgrade your space. Tiles are another essential element of the bathroom. The subway tiles are making way for hip shapes like hexagons and scallops.

At Dino Fino Home + Contract you can also find modular bathroom furniture such as the 36E8 range, which allows you to organize the space in your bathroom in a creative, practical, original way, based on your own specific needs. The colours, dimensions, and finishes are fully customisable and originated suspended compositions that can serve as wall-mounted containers, suspended sink cabinets or vertical storage. This bathroom furniture is for every style, filling any kind of space with a unique personality. 


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