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There are several factors that must be considered when choosing the best flooring option for your space from durability to moisture and also cost. The aim is to install flooring that provides a functional but also attractive walking surface.

Parquet is a popular option, offering a sleek, clean feel. SKEMA offers a varietry of options from Resilient floorings to Wood Floorings and also Laminated Floorings. This range has excellent anti-slip properties but also reduced reverberation of sound, water resistance as well as antibacterial properties. The Ricchetti range also presents interesting solutions through their Artwood and ‘Soft’ options – modern styles ideal for a contemporary feel.

Tiles are a natural option especially in humid conditions that characterize numerous Maltese households. The ranges provided by Lago, Ricchetti and terratinta ceramiche will ensure that you will find the ideal style for your floor. The 36E8 Drunk Covering (made of laminated stoneware reinforced by 3.5mm thick glass fibre matt) is an unusual style which is sure to make your floor stand out. The Res-Cover style is inspired by the versatile nature of concrete while the Terracotta option provides that evergreen elegant look. Other styles play on the urban and contemporary feel with little detail such as small scratches and translucent effects.

Rugs and carpets add a unique character to your room. The KYMO range, inspired by the magic of water ripples offers original designs and deep colours to set a unique tone for the space they occupy.

Outdoor flooring, must be durable and stylish. The Marina Decking by SKEMA, is made of WPC (Wood Ploymer Composite), a compound made of wood fibres and polyethylene offering a combination of resistance and aesthetic properties making the decking durable and easy to maintain. 

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