Office lighting

Proper Lighting is Everything


Office lighting needs to be approached differently than the lighting of a living room. The office space would influence the choice in colour and the strength of the light. In homes people would likely choose low colour temperature, the result would come out to be cosy, warm and yellow light.

People choose this so it would make their home welcoming. In an office, productivity takes precedence over cosiness. Therefore high colour temperature is a better option for an office, that’s why you should always choose a neutral to cool white light.

Some example of office lighting, include floor lamps like the Fly designed by Moreno Giorgio, which includes a lower and upper diffuser. Ceiling and/ or wall lighting like Starlight designed by Serena Papait it’s LED technology is used to create a soft indirect light that also gives out high performance and diffused.

The shadow that’s designed by Enrico Franzolini which is a wall-mounted lamp that interpreted a cut-phase dimmable LED source. More lighting is available at our showroom to satisfy your eyes and your space.


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