Reduce the ambient sound while enjoying it's lighting.


Here at Dino Fino Home + Contract offer acoustics solutions for your office. Our acoustics solutions will provide a peaceful break-up of the space for the employees in a busy working environment. Our product range is carefully designed to consider the looks, feel, durability and the high quality a good acoustic should have. Visit our showroom located in Msida Valley Road in Birkirkara, for a consultation to help with any questions you might have, regarding pricing, availability and customisation. Reach out to us and we will help you to find the acoustics your office space deserves.


The Skema history was born in 1992 and it has always distinguished themself for a new approach to the world of surfaces, specializing in the production of floating multilayer floorings. Since then, they have never stopped evolving, becoming throughout the years more and more a reference point for those looking for surface covering all-round solutions. Today, Skema offers technological proposals of refined taste, a result of the experience that transforms and improves them, constantly to amaze and innovate the market. Thanks to technology Skema can give nature a more resistant and stronger nature. They look for innovation, develop its potentialities and use them to create something that is more than a surface: integrated systems that make everyday life more practical, more comfortable, more beautiful. So it was when they introduced the highly resistant connection systems that make the installation easy, so is the continuous optimization of decors, more precise and now identical to the material they reproduce, so is the introduction into the market of new materials that make floors more stable and ultra-resistant but with a very realistic and natural appearance.

Moss Trend
Moss Trend offers natural decorative elements for interior design based on stabilized moss and plants, both for private and commercial projects. Its natural products do not require maintenance or irrigation systems. Moss Trend by using natural lichen redefines the interiors. Our products are harvested and stabilized by drying. With a variety of shapes and colours, they are intended solely for indoor environments with a rate of humidity of at least 50%. Think organic, go moss!

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