Designing your home’s interior is one thing – but, for many, creating your outdoor space is quite another.

Depending on the size of your exterior area, it may be such a blank canvas that it would overwhelm even the most experienced and innovative home decorators. Add to this the elements, changing seasons, wildlife, flora and fauna, and the challenges of outdoor design become tougher still.

So, what to do? According to garden designers, the simplest approach is also the most effective: consider your outdoor space an extension of your living area. Yes: your home’s exterior should reflect you and your lifestyle, just as much as any other room on the inside.

Thanks to modern-day outdoor design advances, your options are near-endless – whether you dream of hosting lavish dinner parties or family barbeques, or crave a quiet place to retreat, rest and unwind after a busy day. 

Here are some ideas on how to tailor the design of your outdoor space to your life, needs and personality, from the home experts at DINO FINO.


  1. The Entertainer

Does your vision for your home’s outdoor space involve setting the scene for balmy nights entertaining guests with an alfresco dinner party? If so, then your outdoor furniture must-haves include a conversation-worthy table and plenty of seating, depending on the average number of people on your guest list. 

Consider creating ‘zones’ for specific purposes and activities, such as an outdoor kitchen and dining area, as well as a separate lounge area where you and your guests can relax with a cocktail after dinner, possibly next to an outdoor bar or a firepit.For a weather-proof yet showstopping dining table, look no further than the ‘Squid’ from S•CAB (

  1. The Family-Friendly

If you have young children, you might hope for an outdoor space that works for them now and can adapt as they grow.

This design depends on comfortable, durable outdoor furniture that can break up the space into safe and clearly-marked zones – think playtime, family dining space, and a close off no-go area with water features or sharp-leaved plants, for example.

Also consider lighting to help you create a magical, natural adventure for children – and to keep an eye on them as daylight fades.

Check out the ‘BENTO’ outdoor modular sofa from Varaschin (, which offers both versatility and comfort.

  1. The Green-Fingered

When it comes to designing a garden – or anywhere in the great outdoors – most people count plants and flowers as a natural part of the process.

But if you want to make greenery the focal point of yours, you’ll need to carefully consider where to place planters and containers according to the light and other conditions of your space.

Plus, your design should include some clever outdoor furniture, such as somewhere to store gardening supplies and tools, pots and seeds, or even a dedicated potting table, such as the ‘Chameleon’ from Emu ( 

  1. The Sun-Soaker

If you are a summer person, you may look forward to venturing outside to soak up the Mediterranean sun. 

To achieve this, your outdoor area should have all you need to lie out in style and comfort over lazy weekends: sunbeds, recliners or a chaise-longue, as well as sunshades such as umbrellas or parasols to add some cooler, shaded areas. 

Take a look at the ergonomic ‘ART. 9578 – Caribe’ chaise-longue and the eye-catching ‘Coral Reef’ parasol, both from Roberti (

  1. The Small Space

When square footage is at a premium, deciding how you will use it is more important than ever.

Yet, with some clever design, you could fit in more than you might think. 

Consider modern furniture options that pack a punch in both form and function, such as the ‘Tami’ all-in-one corner chair and side-table from Emu. 

And don’t forget to make the most of vertical space: try Roberti’s ‘Art. 9883 – Gravity’ hanging swing chair, freeing up the floor and creating the illusion of a larger, more open and inviting set-up.


But why not start by consulting those in the know? Take the guesswork out of your home’s design and décor with a visit to the DINO FINO showroom and furniture store in Birkirkara. Our in-house design experts can guide you through every step of the process, to help you create your ideal indoor and outdoor space.

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