– Lago – XGlass marble combines the qualities of glass – resistance to acidic substances and easy to clean – with the appeal of a natural material such as marble that is transferred digitally onto the glass. The slim lines refine the shapes, and the continuous veining that runs across the sides underlines this product’s unique quality. According to your interiors, the choice of a polished or matt finish means you decide how to interpret its character.


 Rastelli – The Royale kitchen collection, designed by the renowned Marco Corti, is all about detailing, giving you freedom of movement between food preparation and entertaining. The Royale boasts 28mm doors, available in white lacquer, brushed white and a heat-treated oak worktop. Finishes range from wood laminates to matt and glossy lacquered brushed finishings, combined with glass and heat-treated wood such as ebony and oak.

– Aran Cucine – Vita Bella by Aran Cucine is a homage to Italian style that adapts to elegance and tradition. The large kitchen island with its soft and round lines in matt Corda lacquered finish, embellished by Carrara Marble worktop and customised with a snack table, is especially suitable for an open-plan kitchen and living room layout.


Model:  Marble XGlass Kitchen by Lago
Model: Royale by Rastelli Cucine
Model: Vita Bella by Aran Cucine