Set the scene for a delicious new year with the latest dining room design trends at Dino Fino Home in Birkirkara.

In recent years, the dining room has transformed from an often-forgotten space into a multi-purpose zone at the heart of your home’s main living area. Families have not just met daily to eat at the dining table, they have also used it individually or together to work, study or play.

Today, the dining room continues its comeback. Thoughts of intimate dinner parties with close friends make homeowners dream of creating a dining experience that rivals a high-end restaurant!

As we welcome 2022, new design trends for this essential space now promise to bring your dining room bang up to date – inspiring something new and exciting, not just in the aesthetic of this versatile space but throughout your home.

At Dino Fino Home Furniture in Birkirkara this January, our experts and our range of affordable designer brands can guide you towards a new year-ready dining room that reflects your tastes, both on and off the plate. Here are just some of the latest design trends – and how we can help you explore them in your home – to get you started.

  1. Make your dining table the centrepiece

Of course, no dining room is complete without an eye-catching dining table at its heart. Yet, even this mainstay of the home dining experience is evolving with the changing times.

Although the wood and natural-coloured materials of mid-century design are still popular, now there is a burst of interest in colourful and innovative dining tables, thanks to homeowners and interior designers leaning towards unexpected design elements and cheerful hues in their modern dining rooms. Sculptural shapes and marble, ceramic or glass tabletops add another touch of glamour and design flair. Here, your dining table can anchor the style of the space, while adding a nod to your own personality and becoming a clever conversation-starter.

The gravity-defying ‘Bold Table’ at Lago is available in a range of finishes and colours, while the ceramic-topped ‘Atlantis Keramik’ at Cattelan Italia is also sure to wow dinner guests.

  1. Go classic minimalist

On the flipside of the move towards more vivid and bold dining rooms is the other extreme: shaping a calming, stunningly minimalist space.

White, cream and ivory tones are endlessly classic when it comes to colour palette, especially when paired with accent pops of monochrome, black, grey or metallic accessories and soft furnishings. Plus, this offers the ideal backdrop to another key trend: minimalism. To achieve this look, carefully select dining room pieces that offer both form and function, creating a simpler, uncluttered vibe in your dining room.

The ‘Focus’ sideboard at Cattelan Italia offers elegant simplicity or check out the ‘Tribeca’ collection at Italian curtains and upholstery specialist Acro Texture.

  1. Embrace your curves

Dining rooms in 2022 contrast sharp lines and bold colours with rounded edges and curves.

Depending on your dining room’s aesthetic, you can add curves into the design via the dining table – such as a statement round table at the centre of the room – or even via your seating choices, accessories or lighting.

Your guests will love the timeless look of the Bikini Wood dining chairs or the smooth and light angles of the Charm dining chairs both by Tonin Casa. Explore this trend via your accessories, with rounded accents like the ‘Bottle Vase’ from Adriani & Rossi. Plus, check out the Discocó pendant light at Marset and the ‘BILUNA’ spherical pendant lamps at Prandina.

  1. Add a pattern pop with wallpaper

This year, interior designers are balancing neutral tones with exciting splashes of colour – by redefining the feature wall with vivid wallpaper designs.

Here, your options are endless with wallpaper specialist Instabilelab. Plump for a nature-inspired, earthy pattern such as the ‘Ginco’ from the Nuances collection, or evoke a bygone era with the ‘Old Travel’ from the Artistic collection. Ready for something even more original and eye-catching in your dining room? Then look no further than ‘Golden Memories’ from the Oronero collection.

  1. Hug your Hygge

As the new year kicks off and the holiday decorations stowed away, new trends turn towards styling warm, cosy homes with Nordic-inspired comforts such as wool knits, natural fibres and faux fur rugs – including in the dining room.

Known as ‘Hygge’, an increasingly popular Scandinavian home style that embodies this urge to snuggle up in comfort, this concept is easy to add to your dining space. Set the scene with the plush, luxurious carpets from Kymo – we love the ‘Studio NYC Pearl Edition’ or the hand-woven ‘Nordic Flower’. Acro’s Texture’s ‘Etika’ linen range is bang-on trend here too, as is Adriani & Rossi’s firewood holder made from eco-friendly leather.


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