Time to venture outdoors in style this month with Dino Fino Home

Now that spring has officially arrived and the weather is warming up, it is the ideal time to get outside and enjoy the sun.

More than ever, your home’s exterior space may have taken on new importance for you – so we have named April as Outdoors Month at Dino Fino Home.

With a range of high-end furniture on offer from our brands Varaschin Outdoor Therapy, Roberti Outdoor Pleasure and EMU, there has never been a better time to upgrade your outdoor space.

Here are the furniture must-haves to snap up at Dino Fino Home this month that will take your outdoors from ordinary to outstanding!

A table to gather around

The first step to moving life outside is to select a table that sets the tone of your space.

As well as ergonomic style and form, your table must also offer functionality and comfort, so that it can serve as both the ideal spot to share a meal with family or to enjoy a peaceful morning coffee. Here you have a choice of materials, from ceramic and laminates to aluminum, steel and teak.

Check out the graceful, curved edges of Varaschin’s ‘Emma Table’  or the eye-catching Hamptons Graphics Collection at Roberti.

Chairs for all occasions

Of course, to gather around the table, you will need chairs!

But these seats need not be purely functional – today, the design of these garden essentials has been reimagined.

For a classic garden chair with Italian design flair, look no further than the ‘Cricket’ chair at Varaschin or the ‘Charme’ range at Roberti. If your vision includes chairs that make more of a bold statement, then the ‘Re-trouve’ chair at EMU is sure to make an impression.

Soak up the sun on a sunbed

No outdoor space in Malta would be complete without some sunbeds on which to lie back and soak up the Mediterranean sun.

Apart from being comfortable and practical, these sunbeds should add to – rather than distract from – the overall aesthetic of your space. Using the finest materials and the skill of Italian artisans, the modern sunbed can be a worthy style addition as well as a must-have piece of outdoor furniture.

The relaxed and elegant ‘Tibidabo Dormeuse’ at Varaschin is ideal for wiling away the hours in the warmth with a good book, while the smooth curve of Roberti’s ‘Caribe’ will blend easily into your luxury outdoor space.

Curate some shade

While you may be looking forward to enjoying the sun in your garden or yard, it is likely you will need somewhere to escape it there too.

Pleasingly, contemporary garden umbrellas or parasols – like the ones designed by our Italian artisans – don’t have to be an outdoor eyesore.

Consider going for an umbrella that evokes quality and elegance, such as one of the range of shades from EMU or the ‘Copacabana’ from Varaschin. If you would like your shade to offer more of a talking point, then check out the distinctively shaped Coral Reef Collection of parasols at Roberti. And if you were hoping for something a little larger, then Varaschin’s ‘Pavilion Gazebo’ might be just what you had in mind.

Sofas to sink into

Who says the outdoors shouldn’t have sofas too? In fact, some might say that this should be the top of your list of furniture essentials if you are hoping to move the indoors out.

Yet, an outdoor sofa can – and should – be as comfortable, hardwearing and inviting as the one that sits in your living room.

The ‘Cannolè’ range at EMU, which features a three-seater sofa and daybed, fits this description in terms of both style and substance, while the ‘Key West’ sofas at Roberti are as attractive as they are functional. Want to make more of a design statement with your outdoor sofa? Then check out the elegant and unusual ‘Tibidabo High Sofa’ from Varaschin.

BONUS: Time to rock outside with swing chairs

While swing chairs may not technically be classed as an essential outdoor item, this fun furniture piece is sure to raise a smile, making it a worthy addition to our list.

The ‘Cool-there’ from EMU is a simple yet effective design that is part rocking chair, part sofa and part shelter, while Varaschin also offers a classic shape in its ‘Tibidabo Nest’. Roberti likewise has a full range of stylish swing sofa designs available, including the stunning ‘Gravity’.


So if you’re now ready to upgrade your yard with Italian-crafted furniture, designed to bring form, comfort and style, head to Dino Fino Home + Contract, Birkirkara for our Outdoors Month to make the most of the offers on our amazing brands of outdoor furniture. Check out the latest collections online of Varaschin Outdoor Therapy at www.varaschin.it, Roberti Outdoor Pleasure at www.robertirattan.com and EMU at www.emu.it.

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