Custom made meeting table and sideboard.

Dahlia office seating

The Dahlia office chair minimal look caters with elegance and refinement the requirements of interior design and meets many needs.

XW – M3 room dividers

The M3 single glass pane wall panel features all the characteristics of transparency and sophisticated details that make it unique in terms of styling quality and technology. The vertical partitions comprise single glass panes and solid panel arranged continuously. A simplified system of lightened profiles guarantees solutions that focus on minimizing structural elements. Minimalism and elemental design characterize this product.
Single glass wall “light” Features a simplified, reduced aluminium structure. The glazed surface of M3 is a single pane of tempered (10 or 12mm) or laminated (6+6.1mm or 5+5.1mm with 0.38mm sheet of PVB inside) glass and is placed into an extruded aluminium profile made of two structural elements and a cover. A pane regulation system allows for ground/ceiling adjusting of +/- 15mm. Seals at floor, ceiling and around the edges of the pane eliminate any acoustic bridges and prevent infiltration of dust. Solid panels (18mm) with class 2 fire-resistance rating are also available.