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Who sad that work cannot be fun? set up the right environment and the work place becomes a comfort zone where you can give your best performance. Of course, the right office desk will ensure you have adequate working space but can also allow for creative inspiration or attentive concentration. At Dino Fino Home + Contract, you will find a wide choice of office desks to suite any ambience and environment. Whether you are seeking to furnish your home office or a company work space, our main brands CATTELAN ITALIA, QUADRIFOGLIO and NEWFORM will offer endless options to maximise your work environment. Visit Dino Fino showroom in Msida Valley Road, Birkirkara to speak to our team of Design & Sales Consultants and to find the best office desk for your needs.


EVERY DAY WITH YOU! The Quadrifoglio Group has been revolutionising the workplace environment since the past 25 years with its unique designs. They have created a new way to communicate and to interact with their collaborators, to find new ideas and to better themselves for their clients. Their Design Stories brings together people, designers and architects to improve peoples’ experiences in their working environment. Each product stems from the need to give shape to a necessity, transforming everyday objects into functional components that are capable of eliciting emotion. The Quadrifoglio Group provides strong customer support to its clients through specialised advice and assistance at every stage of the buyer process. You can be well-assured that you’re in the best of hands!


Building office furniture up to date, both with technology and human activities. Newform Ufficio's aim is to equip spaces with ergonomic solutions to enhance your job experience. With empathy, quality, sustainability and creative energy forming only some of the company values, Newform Ufficio’s mission is to provide a global product that employs the heart and soul of Italian design via technology and a human touch. Its various collections offer something suitable for every office culture and desk requirement.

Cattelan Italia

TODAY IT’S ONE OF THE WORLD’S BEST FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS. Since its inception in 1979 by Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan, the Cattelan brand has been synonymous for high grade, luxury Italian furniture. “We use technology in order to guarantee quality results to the customers”, stated Paolo Cattelan, who’s currently leading this prolific workshop of ideas and creativity, where history gives space to the future. By investing in quality materials and paying attention to the most minute of details, the Cattelan name is the epitome of top Italian design and functionality that cultivates expressions in unique shapes. Cattelan Italia provides tables, chairs, sideboards, beds, sofas bookshelves and much more to their beloved clients who love high-quality furniture.


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