Rooms are not just about furniture. Walls deserve to be cherished as well. When designing a space to be filled with furniture, walls are usually an afterthought with many customers. They would normally approach a furniture company with their minds set on the type of furniture and furnishings that they would want to fill up that room or space and after, they would simply decide on how to decorate the walls with some picture frames or mirrors hanging there. Walls should be part of the initial design process and an integral part of how the room would eventually look like.


Just like the furniture that you choose for your home or office that reflects your lifestyle as your personal life statement, walls and doors should also be commensurate with your definition of self. Hence, the need for wall-paper that wraps up a room and makes it complete and unique to you and your tastes. In the past, most wallpaper designs that were available on the market verged on the boring. Now the choice is limitless, the materials endless and the designs breath-taking. Wallpaper may not necessarily cover all the walls of any particular room but indeed, one wall applied with paper as a statement wall in conjunction with the other walls being painted gives such a room a designer-look feeling.

Consider, the Italian wallpaper design house, INSTABILELAB.
Their collections are as varied as your imagination can take you. One of my favourites is the LIGHT +LIGHT collection.  This paper changes according to the light shining upon it. Phosphorescent paint is applied by hand on the luminescent points of the graphic. The painted part of this luminescent wallpaper will change with natural or artificial light, lighting up in the dark. It is simply awesome and impressive.

Trip Illusion is another clever design by Instabilelab. As the name implies, the paper has an optical illusionary effect of movement. It is undoubtedly an eye-catcher especially for walls in commercial spaces.

Wallpaper can also replace the tiles between the top and bottom units in your kitchen. Art Kitchen is another collection which is made from materials that are resistant to heat and water. This paper provides a different look-and-feel to your kitchen than that which ceramic tiles or other materials give.

A particular paper that is simple to install and durable is Door Paper. This adds that extra panache to a room especially if such a space is totally devoid of paper and the walls simply painted over.

In my opinion, a door can be transformed into a work of art; KNOSS 02 is one particular design for door paper that I just simply love.

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