Perhaps the term Black Friday is relatively quiet new for Malta. To be honest, I never knew how the term was coined until now that I was asked to write this blog about it. After all, when a day is preceded by the word ‘black’ it conjures thoughts that it was a bad day. 19th Oct 1987 when global stock markets crashed, is still referred to as Black Monday. Just as Black Monday, Black Friday had a similar inference when in 1869, the downward spiral of gold caused the market to crash.

Of course, it all started in America that I knew, but why did they give it such a name?

Searching the internet, I was gobsmacked with its history.  It did not start off as something that businesses actually enjoyed, and neither did the police. With so many employees calling in sick on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving to give themselves a long weekend to do their Christmas shopping and the Traffic police dreaded the day with such added chaos on the roads.

With added shopping activity, retailers introduced more discounts to attract more shoppers and to induce them to buy more. Thus, the Friday following Thanksgiving Day became one of the year’s best selling days. Accountants have since time immemorial, used black ink to record a profit in their journals as opposed to red to signify a loss and hence the name Black Friday stuck.

For retailers, it is a day to increase sales albeit at lesser margins since greater discounts are given to customers. For customers, it means that they can stretch their money to even greater length. Win-Win activity for business and consumer.

Europe joined the Black Friday bandwagon a mere few years ago and so did Malta.

Dino Fino Home + Contract has dedicated the entire month of November to Black Friday offers with unbelievable discounts on all the Italian brands that they represent in Malta.

Perhaps this is the moment that you can grab a super deal to change your kitchen?

ARAN Cucine and its sister brand RASTELLI offer excellent kitchen solutions in a variety of designs, finishes and materials. The former in mid-range price brackets, whilst the RASTELLI brand gives that superior extra touch to discerning customers where only the very best will do, hence why the firm engaged two of the best designers in the world, Ferruccio Laviani and Karim Rashid.

Or perhaps you are looking for that exquisite dining table; speechless is usually the reaction of customers when looking at the mesmerizingly designed tables such as the iconic SKORPIO with its various base and top options, including transparent varnished metal or titanium just to mention two of the base options. The brand CATTELAN ITALIA also provides a whole array of other furniture and furnishings including units, mirrors, lamps, and seating.

Siloma is another brand represented here. You will enjoy the carefully chosen materials, the flexibility of their modular units and their designs in the living room and bedroom ranges. Samoa Divani is another brand found here. They have been creating sofas for over thirty years, combining functionality, design, practicality and value-for-money.

In fact at Dino Fino Home + Contract one can find anything required for any type of property including moss walls, decking, wooden flooring and floor tiles, wallpaper, fabrics, ornaments, lights and other needs besides the usual furniture normally found in furniture retail showrooms.

So it pays for you to visit the showroom of Dino Fino Home in Msida Valley Road, Birkirkara this November where every day this month is a Black Friday day.

By James Davis