Create your dream kitchen at DINO FINO this month and love your kitchen forever!

The kitchen has truly become the heart of the home. From the moment we wake up, through breakfast, lunch and dinner (not to mention countless coffees), the kitchen is where life happens. So with so much going on in our kitchens – work, rest and play – this high traffic zone needs to work just as hard as you do!

If your kitchen doesn’t, then DINO FINO can help. This September, head to the DINO FINO showroom in Birkirkara for Kitchens Show and discover an enormous range of kitchens by top brands to suit any style, any lifestyle and any budget.

Curious about what will be on show? Here are some of our best kitchen brands to check out this month – including one new high-end brand that will help you make your dream kitchen a beautiful and affordable reality!

Aran Cucine: The Italian-made master brand

Our signature kitchen brand at DINO FINO is also one of our most popular – and for good reason! Aran Cucine ( produces high-quality kitchens, designed and expertly crafted in Italy. With kitchens that combine form with function, Aran Cucine is known for its attention to detail, use of quality materials, creative innovation and respect for Italian tradition and heritage.

Aran Cucine kitchens to look out for at DINO FINO this month…

Check out the ‘Volare’ kitchen by Aran Cucine for a modern design that has both eye-catchingly elegant lines and practical versatility that will stand the test of time. This kitchen is also available in a wide range of finishes and features, so you can customise your space to suit your personal style.

And speaking of customisation, why not also look at Aran Cucine’s ‘Lab13’ range this September? The Lab13 is a statement kitchen with innovative design providing the ultimate space-saving solution for your kitchen, which can evolve with changing technologies and according to your needs thanks to its infinite combinations of finishes, decorations and materials.

Rastelli: The brand for design, quality and sustainability

Although Rastelli ( is an Italian brand, it offers the finest international design and innovation – and it works with some of the best kitchen designers in the world. Here, you will find a vast selection of cabinetry options and clever storage solutions, crafted to make the best use of your space as well as fit your budget and taste. Plus, Rastelli is a smart choice if you want an environmentally friendly kitchen, since the brand is certified to the strictest green standards.

Rastelli kitchens to browse at the DINO FINO Kitchens Show…

Want timeless smooth lines, materials inspired by nature and contemporary functionality? Then look no further than the ‘Beluga’ kitchen, designed by Ferruccio Laviani. Meanwhile, value for money – without giving up design and quality – is the name of the game in the modern ‘R1’ modular kitchen by Ulisse Narcisi. And Rastelli’s ‘Royale’ kitchen by Marco Corti is ideal if you want your kitchen to work seamlessly and comfortably with the rest of your living space.


Arclinea: The brand-new brand for top-of-the-range kitchens at DINO FINO

At DINO FINO, we are all about making sure we can offer a kitchen for every style, every size, and every budget – all provided with excellent service in every step of the process of designing and installing your new kitchen.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Italian brand Arclinea to our kitchens range, which you can browse this September as part of our Kitchens Show.

Arclinea produces equipment and furnishings as well as new concepts for cooking and living spaces, expertly and precisely designed to fit both the space and your vision. With top-of-the-range kitchens for high-end properties, Arclinea is at the cutting-edge of industry innovations, so that you can enjoy a cooking space that is comfortable, practical and bang-on when it comes to the latest trends.

Chat with our experts at DINO FINO about Arclinea kitchens this September…

Prepare to be amazed by the ‘Thea’ kitchen concept by Arclinea, which features a handy layout solution to separate a working kitchen with another well-defined area for socialising. Cooking enthusiasts will also love the ‘Lignum et lapis’ kitchen, which uses stone, steel and wood materials to blur the line between preparing food and enjoying it with guests. Whatever you’re looking for, we have the kitchen to match!


So, head to the DINO FINO showroom in Birkirkara this September to experience our Kitchens Show and create your new kitchen for less, with the help of our in-house professionals.

The full collections of the three featured kitchen brands are also available to view online, in the links below:





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