I have always referred to bedrooms as the temple of the home.  It is that one place where one finds peace from the hustle and bustle of the day’s living to wander off solely into the land of dreams, or indeed to spend an exciting sleepless moment in the embrace of a loved one! It is thus, a temple for the senses and a pleasure for the soul.


In my view, the bedroom should be a testimony devoted to minimalism. It is the place after all, where one seeks to unwind and unclutter one’s thoughts from all the ‘noise’ received during the day.  Peace and serenity are the keywords and therefore the bedroom should be the space which devoid of many objects or pieces of furniture, does not clamour for attention but allows you to relax completely.

Imagine the feeling of sheer bliss as you lay down in the beautifully designed UNIQUE bed from SAMOA DIVANI. Another renowned Italian furniture producer with an extensive array of beds. It is made from seasoned agglomerated wood with fully padded covering and partially removable material that comes in fabric or leather.

Or if you truly want to splash out on your bed, imagine getting into the ecstatic beauty of the NELSON bed by CATTELAN ITALIA.  Designed by Andrea Lucatello, this bed comes in either Canaletto walnut or ash-wood in a burned oak stain. The headboard is covered completely in fabric or soft leather.  The BIAGIO from CATTELAN ITALIA is a reversible nightstand that comes in titanium, graphite or white embossed lacquered frame. The Drawer unit comes in Canaletto walnut or burned oak.

The chaise lounge from ARKETIPO FIRENZE is perhaps beauty made manifest in a chair. MANTA with its isometric sculpted frame is not only a pleasure to sit on but a centrepiece in your bedroom that further enhances the joy to the senses.

A STING coffee table also from CATTELAN ITALIA would complete the seating space as it stands near the chaise lounge.

From CATTELAN ITALIA the BOUTIQUE sideboard with a frame and legs in black embossed lacquered steel with doors and sides in fumé glass with stripes in the black painted glass will make an excellent drinks cabinet for your bedroom.

Add a stunning image to the room with DOORPAPER from the Italian wallpaper design house, INSTABILELAB by wrapping up the bedroom door.  The VISI collection will add zest to the bedroom.

Think ACROTEXTURE for curtains and other soft furnishings needed for your bedroom. The BLUCITY range from this Italian company is made from natural yarns which are intended to project tranquillity and a deep sense of relaxation.

Complete the scene in your bedroom with an EMERALD MAGNUM 2×2 metre mirror which can be either wall-mounted or floor-standing with the whole frame in mirrored glass or fumé glass also from CATTELAN ITALIA.