Dinner is served! Impress your guests with one of our dining room table options…;)

 The kitchen is for cooking but there’s no doubt about it that you will want to enjoy the food you’ve excellently mastered with family and friends. There’s no place in the house we’d rather be than in the dining room. However, a dining room is not complete without a DINING TABLE.

The dining table is where the family gathers to enjoy quality time, bonding over breakfast pancakes, a cup of freshly grinded coffee, a well deserved Sunday roast, family lunches and dinners, or just a friendly chat over some snacks.
The best dining tables are stylish but also a practical investment. Dining tables are not low-priced which mean that they should be made to last, built with high-quality materials. It pays off to do your research before committing to your future gathering table. Here are our favourite dining tables from our collections, how they best function and how best to style them.

For a Traditional Look

We get it – not everyone is after adventure. Some of us are more intrigued by the traditional and classic look and, here at DINO FINO HOME, we have just the dining table for you. Accademia by Pointhouse is made out of a unique metal structure that creates an industrial but subtle look to your dining room. Tabletops are available in transparent tempered glass, recycled solid fir wood and ceramic. Brighten up the room with a couple of house plants for a warm and cosy feeling.

For the Extendable Family

The dining room is for gatherings and it’s our pleasure to provide you with the ideal extendable dining tables that the whole family can enjoy. If you live in a household that loves to invite people over for dinner parties, our Extendable Air Table by Lago Design is designed just for you; an air table suspended on glass legs that will let you add up to an extra four places at the table. Designed by Daniele Lago, the table was created specifically for special moments. Extendable tables are perfect for small, cosy apartments since you can reduce the space after all your family is gone. 

For the Bold

It might not be everyone’s style but some customers are very adventurous. Bold seems to be their middle name. We have two dining tables that will tickle your fancy. The first one is appropriately named the Bold Table by Lago Design. This table is known for challenging the force of gravity with the effect of asymmetrical suspension. The whole table is supported by one single off-centre, counterbalanced leg that provides the total stability of the table. The best aspect of this table is the absence of bulky legs.

Our second option for our fearless customers would be the Air Madeterraneo Table by Lago Design, designed by Daniele Lago. This table represents the warmth and hues of the Mediterranean and it is the centrepiece of the whole room. It is made with hand-painted ceramic which creates an original surface. You can choose from among six colour palettes for your tabletop to create the perfect panorama of all the shades of the Mediterranean.

For the Architectural Buffs

For anyone who appreciates detail, there’s no other option than our Carioca dining table by Cattelan Italia. Designed by Andrea Lucatello, this dining table’s base is incredible. You can choose between clear glass or an extra clear bevelled glass as your top but the detail is in its base, made of solid Canaletto walnut wood. We love all our dining tables, so we cannot pick favourites, but this might just be it. Pair this dining table with a breathtaking chandelier and your dining room will be one of envy.

For a Cosy Oak Feel

There’s no denying it – a wooden oak table creates a homely feeling and who doesn’t like the sound of that. Our Thor Table by Pointhouse sounds magnificent because it is. Made with laser cutting technology, its original structure provides a warm feeling to any room. The top is available in thick knotted oak with solid wood tree-shaped edges. Style with a cosy rug and natural accessories and you have yourself a winner.

For Dividing and Sharing

What’s a better shape for a dining table designed for sharing than a round table? Our Oracle table by Arketipo is a simple and elegant dining room table that encourages empathy and sharing. The design is unique and it’s definitely the centrepiece in the room, ready to create balance and structure in the dining area. Team with a statement ornament piece or an intricate vase of flowers for a stylish aesthetic.

It’s safe to say that we can satisfy all of your dining table dreams and more. From small tables to extendable dining tables that can fit your whole family, we have it all.

Choose your perfect gathering set-up for your home and contact us at DINO FINO HOME Furniture on [email protected].