You’re just a 2-minute read away from a great commercial space – here are the 5 things to remember when furnishing your commercial space. 

If your commercial space is customer-facing, such as a shop, hotel or restaurant, how it looks and feels could make or break your customers’ decision to browse, buy, or return.

Offices aren’t off the hook either: studies have shown that office décor impacts productivity. So, a comfortable environment, with good lighting and quality furniture, might even affect revenue and employee retention.

With so much at stake, furnishing your commercial space can feel overwhelming.

Our dedicated contracts team – which is based in a 500 square metre, purposely designed and built showroom – will create an effective and attractive commercial space while allowing you to see and touch the outstanding furniture on display.

Here are 5 things to remember, to make your business space work for you. 

  1. Plan to grow

Any business knows preparation is the secret to success. The same is true of your commercial space!

Before you start, plan for your business both today and tomorrow. Although your space might stay the same, it must be versatile enough to adapt to the changing needs of a growing business and extra employees. 

Make customisation easy with temporary walls and movable room dividers, to break up the space however you want at a moment’s notice. Need a meeting room, a private office, a separate dining area in the restaurant, or even an entirely new outlet? No problem!

  1. Comfort is key

Remember those studies that said great office décor boosts productivity?

Commercial spaces that are uncomfortable for employees and customers can hold your business back, so keep comfort a top consideration as you design yours.

This doesn’t just mean comfortable basics, such as desks and chairs – although these are hugely important, since these are where employees will spend most of their time while at work and will affect how they feel throughout the day.

Comfort is vital in hotels and restaurants too. Hotel furniture from the sofas in the lobby to the beds in the rooms should offer the height of comfort – or you risk your guests leaving a bad review or not returning for a repeat visit. 

Dimly lit rooms can also be a big turn-off in terms of comfort, so make sure to carefully consider lighting in your design. 

  1. Choose quality

Furniture made by experienced craftspeople using quality materials will last longer and look smarter than those of lesser quality, not to mention withstand heavy-duty use. Investing in quality furniture from the start will save you the expense of having to replace or repair it when it inevitably falls apart.

People expect quality in commercial spaces, so it should stay a top priority – right down to your choice of flooring and bathrooms (yes, even the tiles). 

Look for eye-catching furniture that uses durable materials such as wood, metal finishes or tempered glass, with a timeless design that will keep your space feeling upmarket. 

  1. Add personality and a touch of fun

Whoever said commercial spaces need to look the same?

Your space gives clients their first impression of what makes you unique and sets you apart from the competition – so infusing it with your brand’s personality makes real business sense.

To create an elegant, warm and welcoming ambience, use colour wisely. Evoke energy, inspiration and creativity with yellow or orange accents, or encourage calm with a palette of ocean blues, nature-inspired greens or neutral tones.

Add to the company culture with fun elements where employees can kick back, reset and innovate. Here, think sofas for coffee and brainstorming, a well-equipped on-site kitchen, pool tables, massage chairs – even a gym. In restaurants or hotels, too, you could help guests feel at home with extra facilities such as a children’s play area, where appropriate.

  1. Cut the clutter

Commercial spaces can become hectic, fast-paced environments. As such, clever commercial design means factoring in plenty of room to move around, safely and easily. 

Plus, an open and inviting space helps to reduce stress, so that everyone has – quite literally – enough space to think and breathe. 

Create a spacious feel with glass and reflective elements. Consider furniture pieces that help keep things organised and clear away distracting clutter, so that the workspace is both functional and tidy. Plus, make sure windows and ventilation channels can let in fresh air and natural light – and bring nature indoors with plants and greenery, where possible.


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