Marzia and Leo Dainelli’s style is made of harmonious shapes, colours and materials, supporting Interior Design and Architecture. Marzia and Leo are partners in their private life, during creative activities and also in business. Their different sensitivities give a balance to every design and proposal and are almost characterized by clean lines, that establish a fine equilibrium between “minimalism” and “decorative”. They founded Dainellistudio in 2007, in the heart of Tuscany, to keep in direct and constant contact with important craftsmen and, at the same time, also with a nature and an artistic heritage that has always been in favor of aesthetic influence and taste, where shapes, colours and materials play a key role in creating the identity of this region. Dainellistudio’s team of graphic artists and architects is composed mainly of young talents, who can suggest research topics and trends in both sign and environments.

Projects Interiors, Directions and Artistic Collaborations with leading ‘”Made in Italy” follow each other over the years, as the firm has had the opportunity to design every element, which is necessary to create both public and private spaces: from the carpet to the lamps, sofas to mirror, armchairs to the library, tables to the chairs. Dainellistudio invents, designs and creates spaces, which express a style, respecting and promoting craftsmanship, materials and colours that reflect the rules of the contemporary Tuscany.