It is never easy for any person to break away from a lifelong career and start afresh; especially if that person is a family member of a long-established and respected firm in a very competitive industry. But to do so and indeed to compete as a start-up, head-on with the established players within the industry, is a considerable feat.

Dino Fino – did just that!

Perhaps he desired to return to his roots and to emulate his grandfather and in so doing he founded Dino Fino Home and Contracts. His company started operating humbly in 2017. His office was a room in his home. The company representing just three furniture brands. His client base was zilch but his twenty-odd years working in the industry gave him numerous contacts and considerable experience. Dino took the plunge and went into business for himself.

That was three years ago, almost to the date.

Within a short period, the company moved from a home office to a showroom in Hamrun and then after a mere two years of operating, to an even bigger one in Valley Road B’kara.  Since then, the company needed more people to work for it. From two people, Dino included, the company now in its third year, employs twenty-five apart from others on permanent sub-contracting contracts. The representation of supplier brands from Italy, steadily rose from three to thirty-five and customers seeking medium to high-end furniture were now, spoilt for choice.

The client base continues to enjoy a steady growth mainly because of the company philosophy that Dino permeates.

Although he is the CEO, his day is not spent locked up in the office, indeed Dino believes in the philosophy of being seen by staff and customers. He manages by walking about on the sales floors, talking to customers and motivating staff.  He makes himself available at all times.

‘We are not in the business of selling furniture. We are in the business of turning empty spaces into aesthetically beautiful and functional living and working environments, which are cherished and enjoyed; making certain that customers are one hundred per cent satisfied with their purchase.’

This dictum he tells his staff does not only make financial sense but goes beyond. ‘At Dino Fino, our customer is our boss, our partner, our friend and with them, we strive to build long-lasting relationships.’

Judging by the success of the first three years, it will be very interesting to see how the tenth anniversary is celebrated.


written by James Davis