Whenever I look at and feel a RASTELLI kitchen, the word ‘WOW’ is always the one uttered gleefully at its aesthetic beauty.


In the past, the kitchen was simply the place where food was prepared and cooked but, eaten in another room.  In recent years, even people with homes having a separate dining room tend to prefer eating and indeed entertaining their friends in the kitchen, where food is prepared. The beauty of seeing food created into beautiful and exquisite dishes does indeed excite all the senses; the aroma, the sight of a plated meal and the taste itself.  And so, from simply a furniture piece, kitchens today are manufactured and their layouts designed, to create ‘pure kitchen ambience’ that excite all the senses.

Rastelli took this concept to its highest heights!


The R1 collection designed by Ulisse Narcisi for Rastelli offers customers a complete programme centred on superior quality and lavish designs. Doors as thick as 22mm are available in eight different materials: low-pressure laminate in wood finish, laminate with laser edging, polymeric, matt lacquer, glossy single-sided lacquer, oak veneer, glass and ceramics.  The innovative wall system collection lends itself to subtlety blend in with other interiors in an authentic and lavish balance of aesthetic beauty and functionality.


Like every collection from Rastelli, the Royale collection is created with every attention to detail in mind. Designed by the renowned Marco Corti, the Royale boasts of having 28mm thick doors available in several variants making the Royale, a complete system which gives total freedom for movement in food preparation and to entertain. Imagine the look-and-feel of precious woods such as ebony and oak which has gone through a process of heat-treatment or, in wood finish laminates, glossy or matt and glass finishes.  Pass your hands along with the recessed door handles and a sense that the Royale has the perfect characteristics. Be impressed how light runs through the spaces – feel the elation from the visual sensations.

But continue to enhance the ‘WOW’ in your kitchen by applying a stunning image with wallpaper from the Italian wallpaper design house, INSTABILELAB.  I am particularly in love with the SOLARIS collection which can be printed on all their materials and can be applied to any surface, including doors and ceilings. The graphic just oozes the flow of movement and relaxation that continues to add to the pleasure of the senses.

‘WOW’ is indeed the word uttered from the depths of the soul when seeing a Rastelli kitchen, especially one which wall are dressed up with beautiful wallpaper.

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