Life is all about seating


When one is trying to choose the type of seating one wants one should take in a couple of factors. First, who will the seating be used from, a child needs different kind of seating than an adult.

The style one wants, is it for an office, school or for lounging purposes. The size of the chair which would determine how you would fill in your space. If we are talking about a school it all depends on the size of the classroom, how much chairs it would fit. If we are talking about your lounge area, it depends on the style of your sofa/ armchair and how many you would like to fit in.

If we are talking about quantities of seating, example seating for a restaurant, one would have an interior designer deciding which style of seating works best for the whole place. Some seating options one can find in our showroom, the Plat sofa, this takes the idea of a concept and develops it to enable the lifestyle for you to yearn.

Alaska designed by Emilio Nanni, which is a polished stainless steel armchair. The Dadox Pouf designed by Giorgio Cattelan, a cube or parallelepiped with wheels in polished stainless steel. Penny designed by Giorgio Cattelan, a swiveling stool, adjustable in height with squared chromed steel base. Upholstered seat covered capitonne’ in synthetic leather or soft leather.

Abbey designed by The Quadrigoglio Group, an armchair, sofa and pouf available in two different sizes feature crafted details and stitching. This collection is ideal for several environments: waiting rooms, relaxation areas in dynamic offices, a cosy living room or a metropolitan lounge bar.  

These are original, cosy items that promote conversation and the art of hospitality. If you require further information how to elevate your area with the right seat, visit our showroom or contact us now.


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