This is how to make your new kitchen on-trend thanks to Kitchens Month throughout February at Dino Fino Home.

The kitchen has always been the heart of your home. But, over the past year especially, it has likely become so much more. No longer just somewhere you prepare food, your kitchen is now an essential space where you and your family may work, homeschool, or even simply find comfort and togetherness after a long day.

At Dino Fino Home, we know that you might have started 2021 by looking at your kitchen in a whole new way – and dreaming of a whole new look! That’s why we’ve made February our kitchens month, with amazing offers on our Dino Fino Home and Dino Fino Contract brands that will help you make your dream kitchen a reality.

So, all that remains is for you to decide on your new kitchen design – and here we can help too. We’ve put together six of the latest kitchen trends – all found at Dino Fino Home in Birkirkara via our range of high-end brands – that will give your kitchen a fresh new look for 2021.

1.Bring on the colour

Interior designers the world over have welcomed the return of bold colours into every aspect of our homes in 2021 so far – including in the kitchen.

While classic white and cream tones remain timeless, now is the moment to throw out the rulebook in terms of adding colour into your kitchen, anywhere from the appliances to the ceiling and from the cabinets to the floor. The key here is to choose carefully where in your kitchen you will add accented pops of colour – and, crucially, select a colour palate that you will love long-term.

Check out the ‘Faro’ range at Aran Cucine (, which offers sophisticated colour choices for your cabinets.

2.Embrace dark details

If bold colours aren’t to your taste, fortunately the opposite is also on-trend this year. Dark shades like navy and black are fast gaining popularity in the world of kitchen design as more than just an accent colour, adorning walls, cabinetry, work surfaces and even appliances. These colours tend to bring depth, dimension and a vibe of luxury to your space, especially when paired with textured woods and other rustic pieces.

The ‘Met’ kitchen at Aran Cucine has a range of colours that speak to the dark lux kitchen vibe.

3.Mix your materials

The choice of materials you use in your kitchen is limited no longer: now, you can go for real contrast. This is your chance to explore a fusion of materials as diverse as your own personality, such as artisanal, eco-friendly choices like bamboo, repurposed wood or natural stone, all set against warm woods like walnut, or the shine of marble, brass, copper, glass, gold or steel.

Like this idea? The ‘Beluga’ kitchen designed by Ferruccio Laviani at Rastelli Design, ( or the ‘36e8 Marble XGlass Kitchen’ at Lago (, might be just what you’re looking for.

4.Step back in time

Kitchen designs from the past are making a comeback in a big way this year, with the quirkiness and fun nostalgia of the vintage retro style now being offered with a new and utterly modern twist.

You can get your retro fix with the ‘Kook’ kitchen from Rastelli Design.

5.Innovate with your appliances

While stainless steel appliances remain in vogue, the new trend towards lighter tones of silver and grey is growing in popularity, with refrigerators and hobs to ovens and dishwashers now available in this futuristic shade.

And it’s not just their colour that’s futuristic – new innovations on domestic appliances are making your time in the kitchen more fun, convenient and relaxing.

Check out the wide range available from our appliances brand at Dino Fino Home, Foster Spa at

6.Curve it up

Curves are being featured more and more by interior designers, with rounded, sculptural lines now being seen in the kitchen too.

Adding a welcoming air of informality, a curved kitchen island or table softens the hard edges found elsewhere and brings an extra touch of sophistication.

The ‘Volare’ and ‘Imperial’ kitchens at Aran Cucine, as well as the ‘Karan’ at Rastelli Design, all have curved lines that will complement both classic and contemporary kitchen designs. For an ultra-modern feel, also check out the ‘Air Kitchen’ at Lago, which offers a convenient cooking hub in a circular design.

BONUS: Why not cook up a new kitchen for your office?

Through the Dino Fino Contract range, we have partnered with high-end office kitchen brand Fantin to design the perfect kitchen for your office. And it just so happens that the Dino Fino Contract range is part of the amazing deals available throughout our Kitchens Month this February.

So, why not apply the latest kitchen trends to your office kitchen as well? You can check out the full range at

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