The company DINO FINO opened its second showroom in the second year it’s been operating.

For the last two years DINO FINO has been selling kitchens and office furniture from Aran Cucine Store in Hamrun. On Friday 28th of June the second showroom was opened in Msida where it is focused mainly on selling home furnishings.

It was the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat which inaugurated the new showroom in the presence of about 400 people invited, with Dino Fino; the brain behind the company, present as well. Mr. Fino said how this investment will help the company increase the number of employees from 15 to 25.

Whether the Maltese prefer to furniture to be imported from abroad or that being manufactured locally, Fino said that some prefer standard sized furniture, while others prefer their furniture to be personalized. He argued that while there are individuals who look at the price of a product, there are others who want a certain quality as that is the most important thing for them.

The showroom has been publicly open from Monday 1st July.