Dial up the design of your dining room this June

Your dining room is so versatile. From a place to eat with family and friends to an ad hoc crafting, gaming or working space, it should be able to adapt at a moment’s notice.

But as the seasons change, you may be wondering how to transform your dining room into a sumptuous space evocative of a high-end eatery, where you can share delicious food with great company.

This June it’s our Dining Room Month at Dino Fino Home – so there has never been a better time to design a fine dining experience in your home! With the help of our quality Italian, German and Dutch brands and furniture experts at our Birkirkara showroom, all you need worry about is what will be on the menu at your next dinner party.

Check out these must-haves at Dino Fino Home to help you create the ultimate food haven at home this June.

A magnificent dining table

Of course, the centrepiece of any dining room must be an exquisite table that sets the tone of the entire space.

Today, there is no need to compromise form for function, with top furniture designers creating stunning dining tables that are both extendable and durable.

Plus, your options in terms of a table that fits your overall aesthetic are practically endless. You could opt for a contemporary design, which seamlessly blends glass, solid wood, marble, stainless steel, bronze or even ceramic materials to create an air of effortless sophistication. If you like the sound of this, check out the ‘Atlantis Keramik’, one of a full range of modern tables available at Cattelan Italia (www.cattelanitalia.com), or the stunningly unique ‘ Pandora Table’ in the Modern Collection at Tonin Casa (www.tonincasa.it).

Prefer something with a little more of a vintage, informal feel? Browse through the Classic Collection also available at Tonin Casa, which includes the customisable ‘Amedeo’ table that combines the best of stylish comfort with simple function.

Chairs you can be proud of

Creating a fine dining experience for you and your guests is all about having seating that offers you extraordinary comfort and stylish design.

Our modern & contemporary furniture brands at Dino Fino Home mix luxurious, quality materials with master craftsmanship to ensure that you have plenty of choice.

Both the ‘Gilda’ chair at Tonin Casa and Cattelan Italia’s ‘Bombè’ are great examples of elegant seating that give a soft, timeless feel to your space. If you want your chairs to provide a dinner conversation-starter, look no further than the velvet ‘JAIMY’ chairs from Light & Living , which sport an eye-catchingly eclectic design and are available in a series of vibrant colours.

A stunning (yet practical) side table

Keeping utensils, platters, plates and crystalware within easy reach requires at least one other surface in the room beyond your dining table. After all – why miss all the fun by having to go back and forth to the kitchen for the extra items you might need through your meal?

This is where a sideboard or console table can be especially useful additions to your dining room. Much like your main table, these can complement the overall aesthetic of the space, whether it has a formal, modern or a classically informal look.

The ‘Arizona’ brushed bronze or grey sideboard from Cattelan Italia is sure to inspire a talking point at dinner, while the ‘Opera’ console table at Tonin Casa offers a smooth, curved finish that works with most dining room designs.

A carpet to complete the look

Why not further enhance the atmosphere in your dining room with a lush carpet underfoot?

Our carpet brand Kymo (www.kymo.de) offers a wide selection of carpets to suit your home’s aesthetic. Check out the fashionable designs and contemporary colour options in Kymo’s ‘The Lab’ collection, or the minimalist ‘The Loft’ collection, which showcases four material types.

BONUS: Accessories and accents

Now that you have selected your main table, seating, side tables and carpet for your new dining room, it’s time to add some finishing touches to tie the space together.

This is also the moment to infuse even more of your personality and taste into the décor, with choice accessories such as serving trays or unique mirrors that could make all the difference to your guest’s experience.

You could indulge in some colourful ‘PASCHA’ glass tealights or ‘Hurricane’ lanterns to bring an extra touch of drama to the space, or even impress your guests with the ‘AKROVO’ antique bronze serving tray, all from Light & Living.


Simply head to Dino Fino Home + Contract, Birkirkara this June to create a dining room to rival even the finest luxury restaurant. The latest extensive furniture and accessories collections by Cattelan Italia can be found online at www.cattelanitalia.com and by Tonin Casa at www.tonincasa.it. The accessories and seating ranges by Light & Living can be viewed online, while our carpet specialists Kymo are at www.kymo.de.

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