It’s time to express yourself using customised furniture design – all thanks to Dino Fino Home’s exclusive new partnership with NardiInterni.

Home. Your personal corner of the universe should reflect your personality, offer a haven away from the hustle and bustle, and help you live the life you choose.

Keeping up with ever-changing décor trends, as well as your evolving lifestyle needs, can be difficult – not to mention expensive if you consider overhauling the look and furnishings of an entire room.

So here how modular design can help: By approaching your home’s layout and functions ‘All-In’, you have the scope to create endless combinations of versatile furniture modules, which you can replace individually or as a group whenever you wish. With modular furniture and components, you can furnish everywhere in the house, all guided and inspired by the same style philosophy. Genius!

And now, using modular interior design in your space just got even easier, thanks to Dino Fino Home’s new and exclusive-in-Malta partnership with Italian All-In concept specialists NardiInterni ( From this month, you can explore the world of modular design at the Dino Fino Home showroom in Birkirkara and bring order, comfort and quality to your interiors through expertly formed features like made-to-measure wardrobes, corner modules and multi-functional units.

Here are some of the areas in your home that NardiInterni, now at Dino Fino Home, can help transform – All-In.


Your home’s entrance should offer the perfect welcome for you, your family and your guests – while also setting the tone for the aesthetic and ambience of the rest of it. Of course, this small greeting area also needs to provide function as well as form, with dedicated spots for your keys, shoes, coats, bags and anything else you need to grab before rushing out the door.

Modular design at NardiInterni offers a range of compact solutions for furnishing your entryway, including custom-sized furniture to make the most of the space, no matter its size.

Check out the inspiring entrance layout ideas by NardiInterni at

Living room

As the relaxation hub of your home, your living room should offer cosy comfort and sumptuous elegance, as well as useful function. The evolution of interiors towards modular design now offers you a wider choice of personalised, contemporary solutions for your living room, with elements that partition or connect according to your needs and vision.

NardiInterni’s smart space-saving pieces – custom-designed for you – can be found at

Hall and pantry

The All-In concept truly offers a holistic approach to interior design. By opting to go All-In on a space, you can revitalise neglected nooks into essential areas, transform your hallways into handy hidden storage zones, and turn your kitchen pantry into a chef’s culinary paradise.

With the help of the experts at both NardiInterni and Dino Fino Home, every module will find its right fit in your home. Browse their innovative ideas at


Your bedroom is so much more than a place to sleep. This is where you can recharge and find respite from the stresses and strains of the day, surrounded by calming décor that sets the scene. But that’s not all – your bedroom should also offer extraordinary functionality, complementing your lifestyle’s needs with made-to-measure modular units optimised to the space.

Find ideas for your new custom-made modular bedroom at

Walk-in wardrobe

No matter the size of your home, a walk-in wardrobe doesn’t have to be a mere interior décor dream.

With quality modular and walk-in wardrobes created according to the needs of the space, the art of innovative clothing, shoe, jewellery and accessories storage can turn these dreams into reality.

Head to to explore how.

Home office

More and more of us are now thinking of ways to add a designated place for remote working, homework or studying. Your home, whether a small apartment or a larger house, can still include an office space, with the help of modular furniture.

In keeping with your property’s overall aesthetic, NardiInterni can offer a range of smart solutions for your home office – check out

Laundry Room

You can even install a useful utility or laundry area in your home with modular design at NardiInterni. Practical modules transform an unused corner in your bathroom into a cleverly concealed laundry cupboard with everything you need to get the job done.

Take a look at for laundry or utility room innovations by NardiInterni.


This November, head to Dino Fino Home in Birkirkara to find out how modular design by NardiInterni can help you makeover your space.

The full collection of All-In design concepts by NardiInterni is also available to view online at

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