Add a touch of Italian craftsmanship to your home with Dino Fino Home

Your living room is likely to be the space where you will spend the most time while at home. Relaxing, eating, recharging, reconnecting – the living area is indeed where life happens.

But while this high-traffic home zone tends to be all about function, you can make it aesthetically gorgeous too, with furniture pieces designed and made exclusively in Italy.

At Dino Fino Home, we can help you bring Italian artisanal flair into your living area through the Cattelan Italia and Arketipo furniture brands – both now available at our Birkirkara showroom.

And these are our tips for exactly how Italian design at Dino Fino Home can lux out your living room, leaving you free to lie back and enjoy your best life in it.

Sophisticated side tables

As well as providing a convenient spot to set down your favourite coffee mug, side tables can be a design feature all of their own.

Serving as your living room’s eye-catching centrepiece, an elegant and versatile coffee table can focus the space, while providing practical extras such as shelving or storage.

And there’s a side table to suit every style – glass for a contemporary feel or warming wooden creations (check out Chimera or Noth at Arketipo,, as well as ceramic finishes or ones with stainless steel for a minimalist vibe (Biplane or Pancho at Cattelan Italia,

Space-defining dining tables

Today, the place you eat, gather and celebrate is a key part of the modern living room – so why not select a stylish dining table that defines the space?

Here, functionality and design can seamlessly blend, with each Italian artisan-crafted table bringing together bold materials and practicality, in much the same way the table itself will bring everyone together at home.

At Cattelan Italia, check out the range of modern extendable dining tables such as the ‘Eliot Drive’, while ‘Prince’ at Arketipo is sure to create a talking point over dinner!

Statement seating

Of course, to sit at the dining table, you will need chairs – but not just any chairs.

Made in Italy, the new seating options for your living space are designed using extensive creative research into style, comfort and ergonomics, offering you an elegant functionality that extends way beyond just dining.

With bespoke options using a wide range of materials, finishes and aesthetics, your choices for statement seating are seemingly endless with our Italian brands. Why not try the ‘Chrishell’ at Cattelan Italia or the ‘Amy’ at Arketipo, for that artistic artisanal touch?

Sofas to sink into

The sofa is the very lifeblood of today’s living rooms. Offering somewhere to recline for relaxation as well as work, the design of your sofa should reflect who you are and what your lifestyle needs.

Likewise, the humble armchair has been upgraded in recent years, complementing a sofa with chaise lounges or recliners to distinguish your space.

Arketipo’s ‘Nash’ reimagines what a sofa looks and feels like, while the ‘Sylvester’ at Cattelan Italia gives the recliner a similar redesign, at the hands of Italian craftsmen.

Lux lighting

How you use light in your home can create an ambience and atmosphere that can – quite literally – show your living room in its best light.

From modern ceiling lamps that can define spaces and pool light, to iconic chandeliers and carefully designed wall lamps, dramatic statement lighting is available with an artisanal finish. Plus, eye-catching floor lamps and statuesque table lamps can offer an extra gentle, peaceful glow from around the room.

Check out Cattelan Italia’s ‘Baban’ and Arketipo’s ‘Iride’ to see how light can become art in your home, thanks to Italian design.

Complementary complements

While not usually the key pieces in your living room, modern furniture complements such as rugs, coatracks, trolley bars, showcases, bookcases, design magazine racks or bar cabinets are no less essential.

Here, Italian designers have embraced the opportunity to redefine these classics, adding a sophisticated touch through geometry, shape and even materials.

Set the tone of your space with furniture complements made in Italy, such as the ‘Lady Bird’ at Arketipo or ‘Air’ at Cattelan Italia.

BONUS: The new mirrors

Although they may not be an essential design feature of a living room, interior designers agree that mirrors can help elevate any space: taking it from average to amazing.

As well as bouncing natural light around to make the room seem larger, floor and wall mirrors can also offer a crafted character, finessing the space with shapes or even smoked reflective effects.

The ‘Dorian’ at Arketipo or the ‘Africa Magnum’ at Cattelan Italia are both sure to catch the eye for all the right reasons in your living room.


Ready to bring Italian craftsmanship and flair into your living room? The full range of quality furniture designed and made in Italy by these popular brands is now available at Dino Fino Home + Contracts, Birkirkara. Check out the latest collections online of Cattelan Italia at and Arketipo at


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