Make May your month to update your bedroom


There is nothing quite like that feeling of settling into an inviting bed at the end of a long day. After all, this is your haven created with calm and relaxation in mind.

Yet, that same room also needs to support you when you rise the following morning, transforming into a convenient and functional space where you can easily prepare for the day ahead.

To create a bedroom with this dual purpose, you need furniture that experts have designed to fit your lifestyle.

At Dino Fino Home, we have made May our Bedrooms Month so you can turn the bedroom of your dreams into reality. Now is the ideal time to add some Italian design flair to your room thanks to top brands such as Siloma, alongside the many other bedroom furniture and mattress brands available at our Birkirkara showroom.

Here are some of the furniture pieces you can find at Dino Fino Home this month, to help you snuggle up in style.

The ultimate bed

Of course, when it comes to bedroom design, your bed must be the centrepiece. The style and form of your bed sets the tone for the aesthetic of the entire room, whether that is classic and simple, or eclectic and modern.

Besides giving you a comfortable and soothing place to get a good night’s rest, your bed may also need to provide valuable storage or specific functionality, depending on your own requirements for the space.

For a classic, tufted bed, ‘Queen’ by Bside offers regal elegance, while the ‘Dylan’ bed by Cattelan Italia gives an ergonomic, contemporary feel. Those seeking a bed that doubles as an optical illusion will love the ‘Air Bed’ by Lago, which rests on transparent glass legs, giving the impression that it is hovering.

Mattress and pillows to sink into

Your night’s sleep can only be as good as your mattress. Having decided upon your ideal bed for your bedroom update, the next step is to select the mattress and pillows to complete it.

At Dino Fino Home, your choice here is almost endless. From mattresses made from anti-virus fabric that bring extra peace of mind, to memory foam options that mold to your shape, you are certain to find one meant for you.

Check out the collection by Magniflex, which includes the eco-friendly ‘Toscana’, as well as the foam and spring mattresses and pillows by Bside.

A wardrobe that helps you to get-dressed-and-go

As well as being your place of rest, your bedroom also serves as your morning hub where you get dressed and ready to face the day.

With clothing storage and accessibility top priority, the overall design should include a wardrobe that works for you as well as your bedroom.

Here you have a variety of options, such as the hinged door or sliding door wardrobes at Cinquepuntozero, or the vast selection at Lago that includes the clever ‘Et Voilà Weightless Wardrobe’, a suspended wardrobe that all but disappears into the space.

Showstopping dressers

Now that your new bedroom includes the larger items of furniture such as the bed and wardrobe, it is time to focus on the smaller pieces such as a dresser or your bedside tables.

Although they may be small, these pieces are just as important in your new bedroom. Your dresser provides you with a practical place to display (or hide away) cosmetics, make-up, jewellery or accessories, while your bedside table might be home to your lamp, alarm clock or books. Meanwhile, they can be another opportunity to express your personality aesthetically in your bedroom.

For a dresser with elegant sophistication, look no further than the ‘Cocoon Trousse Leather’ by Cattelan Italia, while the ‘Trend’ night collection at Cinquepuntozero offers modern, smooth simplicity.

Functional accessories

You can make a personal statement in your bedroom with your choice of accessories. But these don’t only have to look great – the accessories range at Dino Fino Home combines exquisite form with functionality.

Lago’s ‘Punto Mirror’, for instance, is a unique storage piece that also serves as a circular mirror, ideal for tucking knick-knacks out of view.

And if you are considering including lounge seating in the room, why not add a sofa that can also transform into another bed as required, such as the ‘Twice Sofa’ from Bside?

BONUS: A fabulous walk-in wardrobe

If you have the space to spare, then you may be able to complete your bedroom’s design with the ultimate modern luxury: a walk-in wardrobe.

Installing one can be straightforward and easy with the help of Dino Fino Home. Check out the elegant and organised ‘Side Walk-in Closet’ at Cinquepuntozero, or the boutique-like ‘Vista Walk-in Closet’ by Lago.

To update your bedroom using the vision and expertise of Italian designers, head to Dino Fino Home Furniture + Contract, Birkirkara this month. The latest collection by Siloma can be viewed at, while those of our other bedroom furniture and mattress brands can be found online as follows:


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