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Pouffs are great choice to add colour, aesthetic and a comfortable seating to any room. Pouffs can be used in your home or office, it’s a way to add character to an area. You can chose a unique pattern to the pouf, which can be the centre piece in a smaller area. You can opt to go with the natural approach, which it will be an extension to your space. Or you can chose a bright coloured pouff, which can make you space more vibrant without going overboard. Work with us at Dino Fino Home + Contract to find your space that missing piece, the pouf.

Cattelan Italia

TODAY IT’S ONE OF THE WORLD’S BEST FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS. Since its inception in 1979 by Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan, the Cattelan brand has been synonymous for high grade, luxury Italian furniture. “We use technology in order to guarantee quality results to the customers”, stated Paolo Cattelan, who’s currently leading this prolific workshop of ideas and creativity, where history gives space to the future. By investing in quality materials and paying attention to the most minute of details, the Cattelan name is the epitome of top Italian design and functionality that cultivates expressions in unique shapes. Cattelan Italia provides tables, chairs, sideboards, beds, sofas bookshelves and much more to their beloved clients who love high-quality furniture.


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