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Separating your workplace with the right partitions can be effective with your employees. Dino Fino Home + Contract, range of commercial partitions will provide the flexibility that’s required for every workplace. We will ensure that your space will be exclusive and unique to your business. We will work with you to create the partitions around your own personal tastes and style. When installing partitions to your workplace you will improving the productivity and atmosphere, with our variety of designs containing glass types and frame finishes. Visit our showroom in Msida Valley Road, Birkirkara, for a consolation.


EVERY DAY WITH YOU! The Quadrifoglio Group has been revolutionising the workplace environment since the past 25 years with its unique designs. They have created a new way to communicate and to interact with their collaborators, to find new ideas and to better themselves for their clients. Their Design Stories brings together people, designers and architects to improve peoples’ experiences in their working environment. Each product stems from the need to give shape to a necessity, transforming everyday objects into functional components that are capable of eliciting emotion. The Quadrifoglio Group provides strong customer support to its clients through specialised advice and assistance at every stage of the buyer process. You can be well-assured that you’re in the best of hands!


Building office furniture up to date, both with technology and human activities. Newform Ufficio's aim is to equip spaces with ergonomic solutions to enhance your job experience. With empathy, quality, sustainability and creative energy forming only some of the company values, Newform Ufficio’s mission is to provide a global product that employs the heart and soul of Italian design via technology and a human touch. Its various collections offer something suitable for every office culture and desk requirement.


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