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A boiserie is a covering that decorates walls with panels with various materials and finishes. It is a panelling that applies to the perimeter walls of an interior and comes in different variations. One of the most common materials used is wood, but other materials can be used depending on the style of the environment. BOISERIE designed by the Quadrifoglio group adds a unique feature to the room; it adds functional design that contributes to the perfect work organization. A collection that highlights the finishing and the technical solutions by emphasizing the environment. More options and customisation for boiserie can be found at Dino Fino showroom in Birkirkara.


EVERY DAY WITH YOU! The Quadrifoglio Group has been revolutionising the workplace environment since the past 25 years with its unique designs. They have created a new way to communicate and to interact with their collaborators, to find new ideas and to better themselves for their clients. Their Design Stories brings together people, designers and architects to improve peoples’ experiences in their working environment. Each product stems from the need to give shape to a necessity, transforming everyday objects into functional components that are capable of eliciting emotion. The Quadrifoglio Group provides strong customer support to its clients through specialised advice and assistance at every stage of the buyer process. You can be well-assured that you’re in the best of hands!


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