Revive your living room for spring with a choice of top brands at DINO FINO.

Is your living room ready for a new season?

As the temperature rises and nature awakens, you may already be preparing to take your living room from winter to spring.

Soon it is time again to store away the cosy blankets that warmed you through chilly evenings at home, swapping them for lighter options to welcome the sunshine back into your space. For you, spring-cleaning may even mean a total living room transformation.

Whatever your vision for your living room this April, DINO FINO can help.

Our range of quality furniture brands has everything you need to turn it into the ultimate relaxation hub of your home, from rugs and textiles to sofas, coffee tables and accessories. Plus, our in-house team of interior design experts is here to guide you through every step of the process, taking the hassle out of styling up your space.

Here are six must-have furniture brands for your living room you can find at the DINO FINO showroom in Birkirkara this April.

  1. Sleek, functional living room units by Orme

Orme  creates elegant sectional and modular furniture collections, designed and made in Italy.

Combining innovation, sleek form and function, with a keen eye for detail and environmental awareness, Orme’s made-to-measure solutions are available in a wide range of colours and finishes.

The Modulo collection in Orme’s ‘Day’ range features storage solutions that make the most of your space – such as the ‘Day 10 Modulo’, which combines a wood and lacquer finish to create a modern, dynamic feel. The ‘Day 20 Logico’ from the Logico collection helps you to create your own bookshelf grid, integrated into your style and home.

  1. Modular furnishing solutions by LAGO

LAGO expertly designs and produces furniture for the whole house – including your living room.

The Italian brand is a specialist in modular furniture, so that you can shape your home exactly according to your needs and personality.

Check out the utterly unique ‘LagoLinea bookcase’ by designer Daniele Lago, which is a suspended library bookcase without structural constraints. Likewise, the eye-catching ‘Layers coffee table’, also designed by Daniele Lago, is one of several by LAGO that are sure to become a conversation-starter.

  1. Carpets by kymo

You can find exclusive floorwear by kymo in designer stores and five-star hotels around the world – and the German boutique brand can even tailor carpets to suit your home.

The award-winning and vast range of products by kymo can take your living room to the next level of comfort and style. Designed by Eva Langhans, the ‘Fusion’ in The Lab collection is available in different colours, while The Loft collection boasts minimalist and elegant designs like the ‘Obsidian’ by Katharina Tannous – inspired by lava gushing into the icy sea.

  1. Unique textiles by Acro Texture

Acro Texture has a long history of passion for textiles that is visible in their huge range of furnishing fabrics.

With roots in southern Italy, Acro Texture produces fabrics that are sure to make your living room dreams a cashmere-smooth reality.

Browse the ‘Soul’ collection to find fabrics that blend dark textures with warm tones for a refined yet welcoming atmosphere, or the ‘Classics’ range, which reinterprets traditional textiles for a modern living space.

  1. Original wallpaper designs by Instabile Lab

Instabile Lab is a design brand that redefines the concept of wallpaper.

With a wide range of styles, trends and colour combinations, wallpaper designed and produced by Instabile Lab can turn the walls of your living room into breath-taking works of art.

Check out the soft and elegant ‘Dragon Tree’ from the Nuances collection, or the Audace collection with strong, statement styles like the ‘Metropolitan’.

  1. Sumptuous sofas by SAMOA

International Italian brand SAMOA manufactures sofas and armchairs with extraordinary functionality and design.

The team of furniture designers continuously innovates, blending decades of expertise with the needs of contemporary living to create reliable, long-lasting and beautiful sofas.

SAMOA has a collection to suit every living room aesthetic and wish list. In the Relax collection, the ergonomic ‘Space Express’ features a reclining backrest and is available in modular and bed editions. Classic sofas like the ‘Class’ will fit a more traditional style, while the ‘Kendo’ sofa is easily convertible into beds and containers.


Head to DINO FINO in Birkirkara this April to discover how you can transform your living room for the spring with our incredible range of furniture and soft furnishings brands.

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