Make your dream kitchen a reality with DINO FINO experts and brands all under one roof

It used to be the room where we simply cooked food, but today the kitchen is so much more. Now, families and friends use this versatile space to prepare meals, entertain, dine, work, chat and just chill out after a long day.

The way you use your kitchen may have changed – and you might even be considering an upgrade that works better for your home and lifestyle.

If so, then head over to DINO FINO Furniture in Malta for our KITCHENS SHOW this February. Our expert team of in-house designers is ready to help you create your next kitchen via the extensive range of high-end brands in our Birkirkara showroom. We’ll guide you through the process from inspiration to installation, so all you need to do is breathe life into the revitalised heart of your home.

Here are five ways we can help you create your new kitchen this February.

  1. A range of kitchen styles

Most kitchens today fall into one of three main styles: modern, contemporary and classic.

Modern spaces are all about clean lines and calming design, while contemporary styles combine this with a minimalist yet character-rich elegance. Your vision for your kitchen could also evoke a timeless classic feel, with a neutral palette and relaxed details.

Whatever style you choose as your inspiration, at DINO FINO we can help you customise it to your taste and space, using a range of sizes, finishes and materials.

For a modern look, check out the ‘36e8 Glass Kitchen’ from Lago or for a contemporary twist, say hello to the ‘Beluga’ kitchen from Rastelli Design. The huge selection of finishes of the ‘Ylenia’ collection from Aran Cucine are ideal for the versatility and warmth of a classic kitchen.

  1. Unbeatable experience and service

We understand that doing up your home can be overwhelming – especially when installing a kitchen. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if an expert could take you through the process, making sure you get the right design for you and your home?

Here at DINO FINO, we do exactly that. Simply book a private consultation with us online or in our showroom, and we will get straight down to bringing your kitchen wish-list to life.

We’ll give you a tour of our showroom to map out your preferred design style and features, then help set a realistic budget for the project. Next, our trusted, tried and true network of contractors, suppliers and installers will realise your new kitchen, with minimum fuss.

  1. The latest kitchen design trends

Our professional designers can help you explore your ideas for your kitchen, highlighting the latest trends from the world of interior design.

For instance, a key 2022 kitchen trend is colour, pattern, texture and unusual materials, such as in Aran Cucine’s ‘Ylenia’ cabinets, which are available in eye-catching hues such as ‘Avio’, or the vivid workbenches and freestanding units by Fantin.

  1. The right kitchen for your home

With such a wide range of brands and styles available, our expert team is on-hand to narrow down the options to create the ideal kitchen for your lifestyle and home.

We can design a kitchen layout that fits both the space and how you will use it. Balancing form and function, we’ll guide you towards the right type of cabinetry and storage options for your room, bearing in mind natural light and heavy traffic areas.

Innovation design solutions at DINO FINO can also make your kitchen dreams come true. Make the most of your space as an entertainment or dining area with the ‘Convivium’ range of built-in tables, snack bars and peninsula tables at Arclinea, or with the ‘Air Kitchen’ from Lago.

  1. Effortless appliances

Every element of your kitchen is important, including your choice of appliances. Select from built-in or freestanding ovens, cookers, refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers, as well as slow cookers, steam ovens, microwaves – the list of kitchen gadgets is almost endless from our high-end appliances brand Foster SPA.

We can even help you with installation of a high-quality reverse osmosis system. The ‘Watermelon’ state-of-the-art water purification system is a compact device that purifies water to a high level, giving you and your family the closest possible to natural, pure water – on tap. Find out more at


Our expert team of design consultants at the DINO FINO Furniture showroom in Valley Road, Birkirkara offers a full range of services to help you create your dream kitchen.

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