Add some unique features to your home with Dino Fino Home + Contract with Custom-Made Furniture.

We have all been there – you look at a room, and something is missing. The design no longer suits your taste or style, or there’s an awkward corner that no off-the-shelf piece will fit. Perhaps you want to infuse your place with more of your own personality, or you hope to create a sustainable home with furniture that stands the test of time.

Whatever your reasons, custom-made pieces – created especially with you and your space’s needs in mind – could be the solution.

So, this August, why not transform your place with high-quality custom furniture built from scratch – to your exact specifications, design and choice of materials – with the help and expertise of Dino Fino Home + Contract? Dino Fino Contract ( has years of experience creating a wide range of custom-made items, and we are ready to help you turn your dream piece into reality. Just describe your vision and we will do the rest!

Here are five ways custom-made furniture can combine unique form and ideal function to take advantage of your room’s characteristics and make your space come to life.

  1. Unique design to show off your style

One of the many wonderful benefits of custom-made furniture is that it is exactly that: custom.

You have the power to decide the materials or fabrics you prefer, the exact colour of the piece, how large or small it needs to be to fit your space, its specific shape or design, the functionality it should have, or storage space it needs to provide. The options really are endless!

Custom-made furniture is a great way to make sure your home truly reflects your style, interests and personal history. This is your golden opportunity to express your creativity and individuality, with pieces that are uniquely yours.

  1. Made-to-measure fit and function

Finally, a chance to make the most of extra inch of space your home has to offer!

You could add a custom closet, chest of drawers or wardrobe in a bedroom to maximise your floor-to-ceiling storage options for clothing, shoes, accessories or jewellery.

That bright corner where nothing quite fits? You could transform it into a reading nook with custom-built bookshelves and comfortable, just-right seating.

You could even fit a custom-made island unit, cabinet or larder into your kitchen, putting unused space to better use.

You are limited only by your imagination when it comes to transforming your home with hand-crafted, made-to-measure furniture. How exciting is that?

  1. High quality, sturdy and long-lasting

Interior designers agree that there is nothing quite like the durability, look, feel and versatility of a custom-made furniture piece.

After all, this is an item built by a master craftsperson to your specific requirements, with exquisite attention to detail and guaranteeing unparalleled quality.

This passion for perfection at Dino Fino Contract doesn’t just produce stylish results in your home, however. The care and expertise behind a custom-made piece mean that it will be sturdier, more durable and far more long-lasting than something similar that has been mass-produced.

  1. One of a kind

Ever worry about walking into a friend’s house to find they have the same cabinet as you? It’s a little like walking into a wedding to find you and your neighbour are in the same dress. It happens!

But, if you want your home to look and feel truly unique, and to reflect both your personality and your lifestyle, then going custom-made could be the answer.

You can say goodbye to off-the-shelf design, and hello to a stylish, comfortable space that will be as personal and exclusive to you as your signature.

  1. Better value

Shopping for the ideal piece of furniture for each room can take hours or even days, as you visit store after store and sort through your options to find the closest one to your vision.

Going custom-made could help you avoid all this stress, time and effort – and it could even save you money.

While you may need to pay slightly more for custom-made furniture than for mass-produced, in the long-term, its superior quality and workmanship will help you avoid having to pay out to repair or replace it within a matter of months. This is an investment purchase that you can rely on in your home for years to come.

BONUS: Environmentally friendly heirlooms

The sheer longevity offered by every piece of custom-made furniture could well turn it into a treasured possession that one generation can pass down to the next.

Plus, keeping a much-loved furniture item for a long time instead of regularly replacing it also has one other important advantage: you are helping the environment by reducing the amount of things that end up in the landfill and by using sustainably sourced materials.


If you want to explore the world of custom-made furniture for your home, visit Dino Fino Home + Contracts in Birkirkara this August to book your design consultation with our specialised team of craftspeople and interiors experts.

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