Transform your kitchen, ready for some foodie fun this July at Dino Fino Home!

More than ever, the kitchen is the heart of our home.

As we spend more time in our kitchens, they have become the home’s main meeting place to gather with friends and family to cook, eat, drink and be merry.

But now, the kitchen needs to be even more. Home cooks want it to be an inviting social space, as well as somewhere they can play with new cooking techniques and have fun while preparing delicious meals.

Ready to design your own personal food haven? Speak to the experts at Dino Fino Home this July during our Kitchens Month. Our wide selection of kitchens and appliances from the quality brands at our Birkirkara Furniture showroom have all been designed with quality, convenience and style in mind – so get ready to cook in comfort!

Here are five must-have features that will transform your kitchen from dull to delicious this July at Dino Fino Home.

  1. Eye-catching colour

What does your dream kitchen look like? Your vision of your perfect kitchen is as unique to you as every other part of your home. You might wish for a light and airy space with white or cream wood cabinets and classic finishes, or your ideal food hub might look modern and contemporary or even vintage inspired.

Whatever your personal aesthetic, your first decision is to choose your colour scheme. A defined colour and pattern palette will create a more put-together, stylish space for you and your guests.

If you want a traditional kitchen with light or neutral colours, check out the ‘Trevi’ at Aran Cucine ( Prefer something still light, but with a simpler and more modern feel? Then you will love the smooth, glossy finish of the ‘R1’ at Rastelli Design ( And if you are ready to explore your adventurous side, check out the ‘Cover’ door system also at Aran Cucine, which allows you to change the colour or pattern on your cabinets with ease.

  1. Easy storage

The key to making your kitchen work for you – especially during meal preparation – is to have innovative storage solutions that make the most of your space.

Having a place to hide away your many must-have food-prep gadgets and table-top appliances is essential to both keep them handy and to maximise your working area on your countertops.

The ‘36e8 Pantry’ is a wall-suspended larder that is ideal for smaller kitchens, while the ‘N.O.W. Pantry’ can be customised to make full use of every inch of storage space in your room, floor to ceiling. Both are available from Lago (

  1. High quality appliances

Every home cook knows that your choice of gadgets and appliances can make or break your next food creation.

Foster Spa, the appliances brand at Dino Fino Home, has a wide selection of sinks, ovens, stoves, refrigerators and much more, to give you everything you need to impress your guests with mouth-watering cuisine at your next cooking party.

To get you started, check out the stainless steel ‘Sink Happy Hour’, the ‘Camillo’ collection of mixer taps, and the ‘Multifunction Steam Oven FL 7103 180’, all available at Foster Spa (

  1. Multi-functional work surfaces

Having enough free counter space is vital for home cooks and foodies: to keep ingredients handy, practice techniques, leave bread to prove, as well as a whole variety of other uses.

Designing a kitchen around an island or peninsula that extends into the centre of the room is a clever way to add extra countertops – as well as storage space – into your home’s food hub.

Lago’s ‘Air Kitchen’ takes this concept to the next level. This circular island integrates an induction hob into a range of tops of different sizes and materials. Meanwhile, the ‘Vita Bella’ at Aran Cucine includes a selection of islands that blend classic style with unbeatable functionality.

  1. Extra appliances or storage

It is a problem every home chef has faced at one time in their culinary journey: what to do if you need an extra oven or more storage space when catering for a large group of people at home.

The solution can be found at Fantin ( Their selection of free-standing tall ‘Frame’ units can be fully fitted with doors and appliances according to your individual needs, with endless composition options available.

And with 47 different finishes across a variety of colours for you to choose from, these units can complement your kitchen’s aesthetic, whatever your taste.

BONUS: Take your food haven outdoors

Why limit yourself to creating taste sensations for you and your guests indoors?

Fantin’s collection of ‘Frame’ outdoor kitchens come with weather-friendly steel tops and can be fitted with a built-in stainless steel gas barbecue. The ‘Frame’ collection also includes a range of workbenches to match, making it easy for you to showcase your culinary skills outdoors in comfort and style. Fabulous food… alfresco!

To create your dream kitchen for less, visit Dino Fino Home + Contracts, Birkirkara, this July to chat with our highly qualified design experts.

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