Maximise storage and stay on top of your kitchen space with these clever organisation tips

  1. Add Built-in Storage

If you’re looking to maximise the space in your kitchen, built-in storage is the way to go, regardless of its size. Even those tricky corners can be utilised effectively. Consider adding open shelves that extend all the way to the wall, perfect for displaying your beautiful glassware, cookbooks, or storing dry goods like grains, flour, and cereal within easy reach.

But why stop there? Don’t neglect those narrow gaps in your kitchen, such as the area between your fridge and the wall. Consider adding an upright pull-out pantry, providing a sneaky-yet-easy way to store cans, bottles, and other pantry staples. This can help you make the most of previously unused prime kitchen real estate, while still keeping everything organised and easily accessible for your everyday needs.

  1. Dial up your kitchen drawers

Chances are that your kitchen furniture features multiple drawers in its design. But are you making them work for you?

Reclaim precious drawer space by carving out areas for your most-used utensils, knives and baking supplies with storage organisers and inserts. This is also a good moment to take note of the utensils you don’t use every day – and to stow these together in a basket or bin away from these high-traffic areas.

Modern kitchen design is also on a mission to clear your countertops with the innovative use of drawer space. Say goodbye to the knife block and convert a drawer into a dedicated knife rack, with the bonus of keeping those sharp knives safe, secure and away from little hands.

Kitchen drawers today can double as removable bins, fresh fruit and vegetable storage, or even pull-out wine racks – the design options are nearly limitless.

  1. Customise your cabinets

Now that you have maximised your drawer space, it’s time to do the same with your cabinets for a seamless, clutter-free kitchen.

Turn one shelf into two with solid or wire shelf risers, making the most of every inch of vertical storage space. Hang extra storage on the inside of cabinet doors to stow a spice rack, store bin bags, hold kitchen roll or hide a handy blackboard for your shopping list.

And when it comes to making your pots and pans more accessible in a cabinet, select from options like corner pullout systems or turntables.

  1. Give everything a ‘home’

Ask any interior designer for their secret to a neat, tidy and functional home, and most will likely advise grouping similar items together in a dedicated zone.

This tip is never more useful than in the kitchen. Keep smaller items together – such as sachets or stock cubes in baskets or plastic bins – which serves to both prevent them falling to the back of a drawer and making them easy to find in a critical cooking moment. And don’t stop there: gather cans, cereals, drinks, condiments and snacks in individual bins in your pantry or cabinet so you instantly know where to look. 

Depending on your interests, tastes and aesthetic, you could even take this concept one step further. Create a beverage nook to store your kettle, coffee machine, coffee pods, teabags, sugar, mugs and everything else you need to make your morning coffee. Show off your fine wine collection alongside wine glasses, your chiller and accessories. And if you tend to charge your devices in your kitchen, consider creating a custom charging drawer to banish countertop cord-related clutter.

  1. Look up!

Don’t forget your kitchen walls and the gap between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling for extra storage. Use these valuable and often-forgotten pockets of space to slide bins containing napkins, towels, table linens or items you don’t need every day (think: Christmas table decorations or seasonal trinkets).

The ceiling and walls are also ideal for hanging pot racks above a kitchen island or near the stove, making your pots and pans secure and out of the way, yet easy to grab while cooking.


There! Your kitchen’s now perfect. 

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